For more recent games (June 2016 – on), please visit Astral Flux LLC’s Games page. Personal projects will still be listed here.

Tengu Rush

A platformer based in ancient Japan. You play as a ninja on a quest to save Japan from Tengu. I was the programmer for this game.


Alabama Smith

A text adventure game created with a team. I was the designer. The player guides Alabama Smith through the Zatec Ruins to find the Cool Thing.



A top-down exploration game. A boy needs to escape from his messy room. The player must guide him to the exit. He can use paper weapons, such as origami cranes, to defeat the clutter. Uses assets from The Legend of Zelda, EarthBound, and Donkey Kong Country.


Best Lions

    • 2014
    • HTML5, CSS3

A website designed to educate 3rd graders about lions. First major HTML5/CSS3 project.